Welcome to Cheetah Ultra Sports (CUS), the home of the Batman worshipping, Lamborghini dreaming, gadget loving, technology obsessed snowboarders and the birthplace of The Whip - the next generation of snowboards.

It’s not about rebellious attitude, urban counter-culture, care-free lifestyle or underground fashion trends. It’s all about functional, heart-pounding, innovative cutting-edge technology

Here at CUS, desire was the mother of our invention. All we wanted was a better, faster, smoother riding snowboard. We looked past the snazzy graphics, and all we found was recycled ideas hyped as the latest technology. To finally fulfill our desire for the most technological advanced snowboard in the world, we had to invent, develop and build it ourselves.

The resulting board was so radically different, we decided to call it The Whip.

For the 2010-11 season we continue to make more breakthroughs in engineering, material and construction enhancements.